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The new universal sewing machine hook timing tool

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Only $59.95. Includes the timing tool kit, instruction book and free shipping.


Your favorite sewing machine just quit and that important project isn't finished. The sewing machine service technician says the timing is off and estimates a $100.00 to $200 repair cost. Oh, by the way, your sewing machine is scheduled for repair in two weeks and that wedding dress must be finished before Saturday.



Now you can own our new universal timing tool and time your own sewing machine in minutes. You can even use it in your own sewing machine repair service business. This tool is designed to time the hook on most Bernina, Elna, Kenmore, Necchi, Pfaff, Singer, Viking and many other household and industrial sewing machines. It comes complete with a 22 page instruction book.

NOTE: You must have some mechanical ability and be able to follow instructions in order to use this tool. We are not responsible for personal injury or damage to your sewing machine through failure to follow instructions.

The timing tool will save money the first time you use it.


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Question: Will the universal timing tool work on all sewing machines?

Answer: Our universal sewing machine timing tool will work on most household and industrial lock stitch type sewing machines. It will not work on sergers, blind stitch or other "special purpose" machines. Some late model "extra wide stitch width" machines may require a different gauge. We will provide (optional) special gauges, at low cost, for these "extra wide zig zag" machines at a future date.


Question: Will I be able to use the universal timing tool?

Answer: If you have some mechanical knowledge and the ability to read and follow instructions, you will be successful in using the timing tool.


Question: Why do you sell a two piece tool (gauge and clamp)?

Answer: A one piece timing tool has been available from the manufacturers and sold only to authorized sewing machine dealers. They are designed to be used to time a very limited number of sewing machines and can not be updated. We have found the tool is too large to fit many sewing machines and will require the purchase of a complete new timing tool kit for many makes/models of sewing machines. The reason for a two piece timing tool is to eliminate this needless expense. Our two part universal timing tool may be updated with the purchase of an additional, low cost, gauge, when required.


Question: I have a heavy duty industrial upholstery sewing machine. Will your timing tool work on it?

Answer: Our universal timing tool will work on most industrial sewing machines. Some large heavy duty industrial machines may require a larger clamp and guage. We will provide additional special accessories and instructions for these machines, at modest cost.

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